The WOW will commence activities in November 2023. Our training plans are designed to focus on developing creative thinking skills, following directions, interpersonal & leadership Skills, making choices capabilities, motor skills, on-task behavior, teamwork, community awareness, increase self-esteem, social skills, sensory modulation & exploration, self-help skills, visual motor/perceptual skills, independent life skills, self-advocacy, and communication skills. 

The following classes will be offered through monthly training plans:  

(1) Arts & Ceramics Studio  

(2) Community Based Education 

(3) Life & Work Skills 

(4) Music & Choreography 

(5) Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) 

(6) Technology 

(7) Special Olympics 


The WOW also offers specialized treatment provided by licensed therapists. The following therapies will be offered at The WOW’s facilities as prescribed by the consumer’s physicians: 

(1) Occupational Therapy 

(2) Social Services 

(3) Family, Individual, and Group Therapy 

(4) Speech Therapy